Amit Sarda

MD, Soulflower

A conscientious and self-motivated individual with great enthusiasm and determination to succeed, Mr. Amit Sarda, Co-Founder at Soulflower, heads his company as the Managing Director. A man filled with aspirations, Mr. Sarda has out of the box ideas for his company and a single-mindedness to achieve that.
Amit began his entrepreneurial journey during his college days at the young age of 17. Hailing from an entrepreneurial background with expansive retail outreach, he learnt early on in life the importance of human dynamics in business and thus, over the years, has developed an in-depth understanding of business processes along with leadership & operations experience in entrepreneurial ventures. His experience spans a spectrum of industries – apparel, automotive, textiles, handicrafts and personal care coupled with leadership and operations experience in both family managed and entrepreneurial ventures. Commonly known as the people’s person, Amit also has deep professional networks in Asia Pacific as a consequence of living and operating in Thailand and India.
His start-up experience is credited with winning and running successful ventures in his college days and later, taking an apparel venture namely Ruf and Tuf public that went on to secure National & State awards.

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