Azhar Tambuwala

Co-founder & Director - Sahyadri Agro Retails Ltd. & Sahyadri Farmers Producer Company Ltd.

Azhar Tambuwala , Director – Sahyadri Farmers Producer Company Ltd &

Director – Sahyadri Agro Retails Ltd is a veteran in fresh produce Export industry with experience of over 22 years :

He has been instrumental in shaping up the co-operative movement for Indian Grapes farmers along with Vilas Shinde and taking Sahyadri Farms from 4 containers to 900 plus containers in 2016 with a 30% growth expected in 2017. He started his career when the industry was completely unorganized for the international marketing of F&V from India. He travelled extensively to different international markets understanding the competitiveness in terms of product, quality, packing, certifications and consumer preferences to bring about a change in the Indian export industry.  Besides grapes, he also pioneered the supply of Indian pomegranates as per EU norms into Europe and is involved with banana exports to the ME. He is working on building up various other F&V categories for various international markets based on product and market requirements.  Moving on from the fresh, he actively promoted Organic Mango & Grapes into EU markets and is also involved now in conventional purees as well as Frozen F&V to the world markets which is the new order of the day. He has brought many a first to the country in various spheres and activities including importing of new grape varieties for the first time into India. He works closely with farmers at the ground level to understand the challenges faced for Indian F&V in International markets and finding out ways to overcome the same. He has given a bright exposure to the Indian grapes exporters to pack more volumes from India. He arranges regular visits for Indian grape farmers to International farms to expose them to Good Agriculture Practices, learn other cultures and sensibilities bring it all back for their social and economic benefits.

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