Patrik Antoni

Communications and Sustainability Manager, IKEA India

Patrik joined IKEA in 2003 while living in Russia and the IKEA vision, culture and values, and growth plans were some of the driving forces behind his decision to join.

During his time in IKEA, Patrik has gained wide experience form various verticals from expansion, store management, marketing, customer relations and now corporate communications and sustainability. The years in store build-up and store management he believes was the best platform to understand the core of the IKEA business. To work with customers on an everyday basis creates a deep understanding of their needs, dreams and aspirations.

After spending 6 years with IKEA expanding the market in Russia, Patrik took the challenge of taking part in building up the newly set up Portuguese organization where he during 4 years led the marketing and customer relations teams.

India’s enormous potential paired with the challenges of operating on a new market were the reasons for Patrik in joining the IKEA India team back in September 2013. During these two years he has driven the communication agenda both in public relations as well as in governmental relations. He is also securing that IKEA retail has sustainability on top of the agenda supporting the IKEA vision of “creating a better everyday life for the many people.

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