Retail Leadership Summit (RLS) 2019

Stephane Michelin


CEO, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards services India

Stephane Michelin is presently the Chief Executive Officer at Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services, India. He brings in 24 years of rich experience to the business globally, as he held many senior positions within Sodexo BRS covering various projects successfully.

He possesses a strong business and leadership record, and has a deep understanding of the client, consumer and the business landscape. Since his first role as a Business Development Manager in the year 1994, he went on to become the CEO of Sodexo Pass Mexico and now Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, India.

Under his leadership, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards, India has been on a rapid journey of digital transformation in employee benefits. He has been instrumental in performing various partnerships on the technological and digital payments front.

Stephane Michelin graduated from Overseas Technological College, and further pursued his MBA(EDHEC-ISA) in France.