Retail Leadership Summit (RLS) 2019

Subir Agrawal

Subir Agrawal

President & CEO,
TechTree IT

Subir has spent last 20 years of his international professional career in successfully building digital businesses for both organizations that were born digital or those that needed digital transformation.

Starting at a very early age, he started his professional life working with his Dad, a first-generation entrepreneur. Helping him expand his business on a pan India basis, got Subir to appreciate the nuances of selling in the real world. He learnt quickly that while deep knowledge about the product being sold was a must, a deep understanding of your customer’s business, business value of your solution for their business problems and elastic pricing were a sine qua non.

During his professional career with Deloitte, Sify, Siemens, BroadVision, Nukebox and TechTree IT Systems, a large body of his work has focused on customer-centricity, employee productivity and ecosystem development. The progressive theme of his career has been to reimagine how digital technologies would permeate and co-exist with or disrupt the very fabric of an ongoing business.

Skilled in Business Planning, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), People Management, Business Management, and Software as a Service (SaaS), Subir has helped organizations bring about critical changes in their businesses thru introduction and adoption of either exponential or incremental technologies. These have been wrought through innovative change management tools like, customer experience management (CXM), loyalty, in-Store experiences using hyper-proximity, gamification, MVP-launches and leadership coaching across the Fashion and Food Retail, BFSI, Travel and Hospitality industry.

Subir has also been active as an advisor and investor in multiple start-ups, both in physical retail (STEM focussed Toys, Healthcare Service Providers) and digital space. Subir is also a Co-founder of a Not-For-Profit education society called PeopleTree Education society, which runs an undergraduate college covering Technology, Commerce, Business Management and Hospitality. Subir is involved in setting the direction and development of the college right from ideation to sustenance.

Adventure enthusiast, he enjoys trekking and being one with nature. Some of the major treks undertaken in last 6 years have been to Kilimanjaro, Pico Di Orizaba (Highest peak in Mexico 19k feet), Mt Whitney, and Kanchenjunga Base Camp. He is a certified Para Glider and a Certified PADI Scuba Open Water diver. He strongly believes in continuous learning and is currently pursuing OPM course with Harvard Business School.