Retail Leadership Summit (RLS) 2019

Abheek Singhi


Senior Partner & Director, The Boston Consulting Group, India

Abheek Singhi leads BCG’s Retail and Consumer practice in Asia-Pacific. Abheek has more than 20 years of experience with clients in retail, consumer and industrial sectors. He has worked with clients in both emerging markets such as India, China, SEA and developed markets in Europe and North America. Abheek was named a BCG Fellow in 2016 and his fellowship examined how digital and other technologies can provide leapfrog opportunities in emerging markets.

Abheek has worked closely with clients in sectors that have witnessed significant change on both a demand and supply side. Abheek has partnered with clients to drive transformative change in both large companies as well as ambitious mid-sized organizations. His experience spans a wide variety of sectors and topics ranging from strategy, operational excellence, marketing and sales and organizational design. In those assignments, he has led teams to deliver significant and sustainable bottom-line impact. Abheek has worked closely with various industry organisations including Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) – both FMCG and Retail, Retailers Association of India (RAI) and PM Council on Trade and Industry. Abheek has also been selected by the Aspen Institute as part of the India Leadership Initiative program and is a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

Abheek is a coauthor of the bestselling BCG book The $10 Trillion Prize (published by Harvard Business Review Press). He has also written several seminal reports on the Indian agriculture, consumer, and retail sectors, and he is a frequent contributor to national newspapers and a speaker at leading business conferences and seminars.